AWS Users Contact Database

AWS Users Contact Database

AWS Users Contact Database that is fully managed and includes relational database for transnational applications, non-relational databases for internet scale applications. We use graph database for building applications with highly connected data, a ledger database to maintain a complete and verifiable record of transactions and a time-series database for measuring changes in over time.

Why Amazon Web Services Users Contact Database is so important?

Amazon Web Services Revenue

November 2010 it was reported that all of retail sites has migrated to AWS prior to 2012. In 2016 Q1, revenue was $2.57 Billion with net income of $604 million, a 64% increase over 2015 Q1 that resulted in AWS being more profitable than Amazon’s North American Retail Business. AWS had $17.46 Billion in annual revenue of 2017. In 2017 AWS launched a program in the United Kingdoms to help young adults and military veterans retrain in technology-related skills. AWS is working with a number of partners including Cloud reach, Sage, Tesco Bank and EDF Energy and much more.

How to customize the AWS Users Contact Database ?

You can customize your lists based on

  • Company size
  • Geographic Locations
  • Job Titles/ Functions
  • Technology Tracking
  • Assets Size
  • Revenue Size

Making sure we help our clients with better deliverability rate and higher ROI, we offer you the privilege of customizing your AWS Customers List that can seamlessly be integrated into your plan of action to fetch your maximum returns.

How can you differentiate AWS Users Contact Database from others?



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